Tuesday 3 February 2015

Voyager Valentine

When events knock the door off its hinges and kick you out of bed, when you are being hunted but you don’t know why, when others look to you for help even though you told them you weren’t interested, there’s little time to form a lasting relationship.

All this and more confronted Jeniche of Antar and left her old life in ruins. What chance of happiness?

As part of a multi-author Valentine’s Day blog crossover, I asked Jeniche, the central character of my forthcoming novel Stealing into Winter, a few questions to see if the answers might attract a companion for her.

Perhaps Jeniche could even find love in another book? Feel free to suggest in the comments if there’s a character from one of the other authors’ books that you think would make a good match for them. I’m not in a position to offer a giveaway just yet (my book isn’t out until July), but some of the other authors are, so head to their blogs (listed below) if you’re interested in free stuff.

Jeniche of Antar

Name: Jeniche Lusor Remai, although I rarely use my last names.
Age: I’m not exactly sure. Early to mid twenties.
Place of birth: Jhilnagar, which is the closest thing that Antar has to a capital.
Job/career: I’m a thief. But don’t tell the City Guard.
Hobbies: Reading. Astronomy. The University library is easy to sneak into.
Most treasured possession: If you can call it a possession, I count my friendship with Trag as the most treasured thing in my life.
Favourite book: Observations of the Lunar Disc with Notes on the History of the Orb and its Use by the Ancients by Teague of the University of Makamba.
Pets: No. I am rather fond of cats, though.
Who was your childhood hero? I had no childhood.
Who was your first crush? Wedol, son of Bolmit the baker.
What’s your perfect holiday? The festival run by the Tunduri was fun. While it lasted. My abrupt removal from the streets rather put a sour end on it.
Favourite childhood memory? None. Unless you count the day I found the courage to run away. That would be the least worst day of my childhood.
If you came into money, which two people would you share it with? Trag and Shooly’s parents. Yes, I know that’s three people, but Shooly’s parents would spend it all on her, so that makes it two.
What do you think of children? I think they should be loved and play to their heart’s content. If that is, however, a sideways sort of question, then I have not the slightest maternal instinct.
What is your ideal home? The place I live now is just fine although I would prefer better ventilation. Late afternoons in the summer can be a bit overpowering. That’s why you’ll find me on the roof.
What is your perfect date day/night? Do I have to answer this? It’s nothing spectacular. Sitting out at night, beneath a clear sky, talking quietly.
What are you most afraid of? Getting caught.
What did your parents do? The only thing I know about them is the fact they must have produced me. I have no memory of them and was never told about them.

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forsan said...

I think Jeniche would go well with Emmerich Goss from The Brass Giant.

They both seem to like reading. They could meet every time Jeniche sneaks into the University since Emmerich also studies at a University.

They both seem rather intellectual, but Jeniche looks to have had a rougher childhood than Emmerich.

Graeme K Talboys said...

Thank you forsan