Friday, 31 January 2014


This blog has been neglected to a disgraceful degree - as were those who commented on the last entry seven months ago. Seven months!

I have no doubt it will get neglected in the future. I tend to moan a lot, and that doesn't make for edifying communication.

So. 2014. I'll be using this blog to post a list of books I have read each month (taking over from my other blog - Grumbooks - which has also been neglected). And if I have anything useful to say, I'll also post here.

Books read in January of 2014

The Shape of Water – Andrea Camilleri
The Terracotta Dog – Andrea Camilleri
The Snack Thief – Andrea Camilleri
The Voice of the Violin – Andrea Camilleri
Excursion to Tindari – Andrea Camilleri
The Scent of the Night – Andrea Camilleri
Rounding the Mark – Andrea Camilleri
The Patience of the Spider – Andrea Camilleri
The Paper Moon – Andrea Camilleri
August Heat – Andrea Camilleri
The Wings of the Sphinx – Andrea Camilleri
The Track of Sand – Andrea Camilleri
The Potter's Field – Andrea Camilleri
The Age of Doubt – Andrea Camilleri
The Dance of the Seagull – Andrea Camilleri
The Bull and the Spear – Michael Moorcock
The Oak and the Ram – Michael Moorcock
The Sword and the Stallion – Michael Moorcock
Eduardo Paolozzi at New Worlds – David Brittain
Shaman Pathways – Yvonne Ryves
Mary Poppins – P L Travers
The Jewel In The Skull – Michael Moorcock
The Mad God’s Amulet – Michael Moorcock
The Prone Gunman – Jean-Patrick Manchette
The Sword Of The Dawn – Michael Moorcock
The Runestaff – Michael Moorcock
Count Brass – Michael Moorcock
The Champion Of Garathorm – Michael Moorcock
The Quest For Tanelorn – Michael Moorcock

From this you might gather I got a set of the first ten Camilleri's for Christmas (and treated myself to the others). Excellent stuff. Not sure I'll keep that pace up all year, but 29 books is a good start.

At some stage I will also be updating my CV and other stuff.