Wednesday, 26 May 2010


...down the word mine hacking away at the ink face.

Some good news. I finally got a copy of the Jack Trevor Story I had been after. One of the missing copies turned up after having been round the country several times (or maybe just stuck down the back of a sorting office trolley for a few months). Anyway, worth the wait.

Then I got my copy of Into The Media Web (as a reward for lots of typing). This is what books should be like. Superb content. Top class design.

I also managed to pick up an 'as new' copy of Colin Greenland's The Entropy Exhibition.

I detect a theme.

As well as slaving away at the non-fiction, I've managed another couple of Charlie Cornelius short stories (one of which will be appearing in Exterminating Angel in the near future - watch this space) and I'm getting itchy to get back to the novels.

OK. That's enough leisure time for today. Back to editing.