Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Good day

I will mark today with a post as it has been a good day. Politicians, sections of the press, and the police, have been caught with their pants down pissing on the rest of us and we got so fed up with we have flicked their collective todgers with a wet towel. They are scrambling to outdo each other in proving their moral rectitude. I have no confidence that it will last or that anything radical will result. After all, look what happened over the MPs expenses scandal. Lots of hoo-ha. And they have their noses back in the trough, claiming more than ever. Except they’ve changed the rules so it’s all acceptable now. Not.

So, a little bit of sunshine before the stormtroopers are back kicking in the door.

On a personal note, Thin Reflections briefly made it into Amazon’s top 100,000 best sellers (at 93,923 to be precise). This may not seem very high, but for a book that has no more publicity than I can muster from pestering friends, to see it get into the top 3% is pretty fucking amazing. Even if I say so myself. (In fact, I have to say so myself as I am the sole publicity machine for this book).

See it here
and here

then BUY IT!

You won’t regret it. It’s a great book. Read the reviews on Amazon. Not one of those people is my mum (or otherwise related to me – so where are my relatives?), nor have any of them been bribed or blackmailed.