Monday, 13 August 2012

Stealing into Winter

No apologies for a bit of self promotion.

Please check out the publisher’s page for Stealing into Winter. Look at that endorsement! Thanks, Mike. And look at those reviews! Those guys have been lucky enough to see pre-publication versions of the book.

If that whets your appetite, then Amazon UK, Amazon Canada and The Book Depository currently have fabulous pre-order offers.

You can, of course, do your bit for the health of publishing by supporting your local bookshop and ordering Stealing into Winter from them. They might not be able to discount like the big operators, but diversity is good; small is good.

For the opportunity to obtain a signed copy directly from me, join the Jeniche of Antar Fan Club page on Facebook. From there you can send me a message and let me know you would like a signed copy. Full details will be posted on the page in the near future.

If you are strapped for cash, then please order a copy of the book from your local library (if you still have one). That way I get a sale, you get to read the book, and other people get to see it and maybe like it so much they want a copy of their own. In fact, please order a copy from your library anyway.

Finally, if you read the book and enjoy it, please leave a review on Amazon, The Book Depository, your blog, or any other website that accepts book reviews. Just a few lines will, but it all helps.

My thanks to you all.

PS - Book two is already written, the first third of book three is nearly drafted with the rest plotted in detail, book four is plotted out in detail, and there are notes accumulating for a further trilogy.


Kerenhappuch said...

An inspiring blog - a lesson in how it should be done. I am left with a feeling that if I don't read about the adventures of Jeniche of Antar I shall have missed something very important.
Carenza Hayhoe

Graeme K Talboys said...

Thank you ever so much.