Friday, 16 April 2010

Head still down

Still beavering away. I now have another of my books done. This one is nearly ready to send to the publisher (I just have a few bits to tweak to bring it in line with the house style). That leaves the other museum book to do and then back to the very rough draft of the Druid book to kick it into shape.

It's all very humdrum, which is mostly what writing is about. Yes, there is a huge thrill in taking words and getting the clearest meaning out of them by combining them in certain ways. But all the rest is like any other job. Except you generally do it for ten hours a day. Seven days a week. Knowing it is unlikely to get you even close to the wrong side of the poverty line.

But I don't care, because I love writing.


Pom said...

I confess that I'm eagerly awaiting the Druid book. Shocking I know.

Graeme K Talboys said...


It's going to need some serious work. Lot's of red ink at the ready.

CC Devine said...

I hear you!

CC Devine said...

I hear you!