Saturday, 3 October 2009

Would you look... the state of this place. You leave it alone for a few weeks and what happens? Dust, damp, colonization, the growth of civilizations, empires, conflict, war, mutually assured destruction. Carbon dust glows in the dark. A breeze blows some of it into the air revealing the remains of a city. The particles spark in the dim light like stars, swirling, slowly coalescing. I decide to withdraw as I see the dust beginning to collapse into its own gravitational well. It could go either way. New star. Black hole. Whatever the outcome, I'd rather watch from a safer distan


Lane said...


Don't go too far.

Carol said...

I'm hoping that it'll be a new star!!

C x

Graeme K Talboys said...

There you are, Lane. Wasn't that far at all.

Not sure it will be a star, Carol. I keep hoping.