Monday, 4 May 2009


I've not posted much of late as I've been busy drafting Jeniche. This has been using up all of my limited supply of energy so not much else is getting written.

It is an interesting experience as it is very much 'seat of the pants' writing. I set an artificial structure for the book. Three parts, eleven chapters in each part. This worked fine for the first two parts, but when I came to sketch the third part it had big holes in it. Chapter 4, for example, was blank and Chapter 5 was just plain silly. But as the story has progressed, these spaces have revealed themselves to be waiting for the action that was unfolding.

It's not a high concept fantasy that is unfolding. There are no kings in waiting, magic rings, or world changing characters. It is about the lives of mostly ordinary folk caught up in the events developing around them in a world that has its own secrets to reveal. And I'm thoroughly enjoying it, with thoughts beginning to shape up for the second volume.

The only drag is that I don't have the energy to push this forward at a much faster pace. Drat ME and all its minions.


Lane said...

Love the title Graeme. Is that the name of a character or place?

Isn't it amazing just how much energy sitting still and moving our fingers over the keyboard actually takes. I cant't write in long stretches anymore - get too stiff and cold.

Graeme K Talboys said...

Hi Lane. It's the name of the central character. She's a slightly older version of Charlie in an alternate reality and has some exciting adventures whilst helping a someone else escape from a city under seige.

I am having enormous fun with it but, as you say, it is draining pounding away at the keyboard.

Vague said...

Looking forward to reading this when done with the Unmentionable :-)

Graeme K Talboys said...

Ah, yes. The Unmentionable.

Bet you finish that before I finish Jeniche.