Saturday, 28 June 2008

What a week

You can tell how exciting my life is when a trip to the cinema is an event. Round here it is. A sixty mile round trip, to start with. Then a small fortune to get in. I was going with Barbara (her birthday treat) to see Prince Caspian.

Thank you Odeon cinemas for screwing that up. The volume was so loud, and the bass frequencies so intense, we didn't last beyond the third trailer. Six minutes to give me a migraine and induce a panic attack. For goodness sake people. That level of noise, those frequencies, are used as a means of torture. What makes you think we want to sit through a couple of hours of it on a voluntary basis? God knows what it does to kids' ears.

Then I discover today (shows how in touch I am with events) that Michael de Larrabeiti died on 18 April. How could I have missed that? The man was a genius, a unique voice, and author of three of the best kids books ever written. Bless you. They can't catch you now. Not ever.


Papoosue said...

Yup, I'm with you on the whole cinema volume thing - it's just awful. My mum refuses to go anymore because of it and I will only go if I absolutely HAVE to see something. Our local Odeon must have had complaints though, because I'm sure it wasn't so bad the last time I was there - I don't remember complaining about it anyway, so it must have been ;-) Really rotten that your trip was ruined though :-(

tea and cake said...

Oh, what a shame, Grum! Maybe you'll be able to get it on dvd sometime? Spoils a (long) round trip though, doesn't it? cheers, Karen x